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Species. Erica lusitanica. Etymology. Erica: From the Greek ereika 'heath' or 'heather' Common Name(s) Spanish heath. Family. Ericaceae. Flora Category. Vascular - Exoti Plants ± erect, 15-30 cm; twigs of current season green, with short, stiff hairs ca. 0.3 mm, older twigs gray and brown striped, glabrescent Erica lusitanica Photo courtesy Forest & Kim Starr CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Common names: Spanish heath; Portuguese heath; urze. Erica lusitanica (Spanish. European Union funding: For a three-year period (2018-12-11 to 2021-12-10), EPPO has been awarded an EU grant for the further development of the EPPO code system. This page was last edited on 12 March 2019, at 16:54. All structured data from the main, property and lexeme namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0.

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  1. Erica lusitanica portamento eretto ed elegante, fiori bianco-rosa profumati a gennaio-febbraio, tollera suoli acidi e calcarei, resiste sino a - 15°C
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Find help & information on Erica lusitanica Portugal heath from the RH {{nav.loginGreeting}} Get data. Occurrences Specie Scientific Name. Erica lusitanica Rudolphi. Family. Ericaceae. Common Names. heath, Portuguese heath, Spanish heath. Origin. Native to south-western Europe (i.e. Erica lusitanica, Portuguese heath: pictures, habitat, locations, blooming times and identification guid

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  1. Erica lusitanica is a species of flowering plant in the family Ericaceae, known by the common names Portuguese heath [1] and Spanish heath. It is named for Lusitania.
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  3. Erica lusitanica (lat. Erica lusitanica) - erikakimilər fəsiləsinin erika cinsinə aid bitki növü.
  4. Erica lusitanica. White flowers, XII-V, buts sometimes tinged pink; mid-green foliage; open erect habit; height to 1-4.5m; spread 61-75cm. Young shoots hirsute.
  5. erect dense shrub native to western Iberian peninsula having profuse white or pink flowers; naturalized in southwestern Englan

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  1. A new Erica lusitanica Rudolphi heathland association to the Iberian south-west Une nouvelle association aux landes d'Erica lusitanica Rudolphi pour le sud-ouest.
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  3. Erica, una pianta splendida in fioritura anche se i singoli fiori sono piccoli. Il colore la rende unica, è anche facile da coltivare e per nulla tossic
  4. The Ivydene Gardens Heather Erica: Hardy Heaths Evergreen Shrub Gallery: Photos and description of Erica lusitanica - H
  5. Blamey, Marjorie. The Illustrated Flora of Britain and...Europe. (1989) p 290-91 Parts Shown: Flower, Leaf Ar

Risk assessments Erica lusitanica weed risk assessment for Hawaii-Pacific Results of a weed risk assessment for Erica lusitanica for the Hawaii-Pacific region are. Erica lusitanica belongs to the Flowering Plants grou